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Sales and Advice

At S.C. Consultants we do not get special deals or commission from certain suppliers or manufacturers, so rest assured that the equipment we recommend is the best for your business.

We will look at your needs and budget, discuss how you plan to use the equipment and give you the best advice and solutions. Whether you need a laptop, desktop pc or printer, we always match your needs with the correct hardware which will meet your requirements.
What Jaqui Mann from J Mann Associates Ltd had to say about our service.

"I would happily recommend the services of S.C. Consultants. Steve explains things in a way that is easy to understand and is great at recommending what products I need for the business. It’s great having someone at the end of a phone who can help out with any computer problems."

As any reseller we have preferred manufacturers for certain product ranges, this for us is because of proven reliability, track record of support and cost effective use.

If you need a product to carry out a specific task and it is out there and available, we will find it for you.

Call Us On 01264 358866 for products and availability
For impartial help and advice on IT equipment, contact our team in Andover on:
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