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Online cloud services

At S.C. Consultants we offer a comprehensive range of online cloud services to clients across Andover. 
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Hosted Exchange | Hosted Sharepoint | Hosted Online Backup

With our range of cloud services, businesses like yours can save time and money whilst ensuring that everything runs smoothly and securely. Our cloud services include:

ExchangeHosted Exchange 2013

Streamline your business and become more productive and efficient, whilst making yourself more available to clients and colleagues. Contact, collaborate and share wherever you are and whenever you need to.

SharePointHosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint makes it easier to work together. Share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online, making Hosted SharePoint an essential platform in today's smart business.

File Back-upHosted File Back-up
The need for secure and reliable file back-up is growing by the day; you need to recover your data quickly in the event of a system failure. With our Hosted Back-up, you can expect just that.

Hosted Exchange Email
Microsoft Exchange 2013 Hosted Email

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Hosted Email
This service is designed to help small businesses who do not have the requirement or want the expense of running an Exchange email server. Hosted Exchange gives you the ability to have your emails anywhere, these can be synchronised to many devices be it a smartphone or blackberry device. If you prefer you can just access them via any system connected to the internet via a web browser.

With the standard package you get a massive 50GB of storage per mail box. There is no minimum contract, you can increase or decrease the number of mailboxes as and when you need to. You only pay for the active mailboxes you use which is very flexible and saves you money.

Costs for this service vary depending on the number of mailboxes required. There is no minimum number of mailboxes so if you just need 1 mailbox then that is what you pay for.

Prices start from £4.90 + VAT per mailbox (please call for tiered prices)

Hosted Online Backup

Hosted Online Backup for File | Exchange | SQL

Whether you just have one workstation or servers with 100's of GBs of data, we have online backup services to suit the different levels of service you require. 

This includes the ability to backup your local Exchange Server and SQL Databases.

Costs vary depending on your data capacity and the services required for your business.

Contact us today for more information and price details
Hosted Online Backup

Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Hosted Service
Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint
Hosted SharePoint is the world's leading file and information storage and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It's hosted on a high-speed network, providing access to company files in the cloud, and reducing the IT overhead of administering a Sharepoint service yourselves.

It integrates neatly with the Hosted Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint 
Workspace, and Office, and is available on many other platforms including iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Android and can be accessed from any browser.

Please contact us on 01264 358866 for full details and multiple user costs.
Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Office 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365

We're delighted to announce that Office 365 is now available through an existing partner program along with other Hosted Services, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint and the Online Backup Service.

The introduction of Office 365 extends the services that can be provided to customers, meaning one invoice and easy tracking of licenses. Paying on a month by month basis, you can add and cancel subscriptions as and when you require. This service is ideal if you need temporary staff to cover a busy or seasonal period and will save you money in the long term.

Please see below the versions and packages available. If the pricing structure or packages available are not clear, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on the best option for your business.

Click to Open PDF File with Current Prices
Microsoft Office 365 Services

Secure Email - Using Cirius Technology
Send Emails Securely

Use Microsoft Outlook and your existing email account to send emails securely, ensuring you comply with GDPR regulations regarding the safe sending of data.

Cirius works where you do, in your email

Whether you’re using Office 365, Outlook or Gmail, Cirius transforms your existing email into a secure, cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool.
Secure Email - Using Cirius Technology Send Emails Securely
  • Works seamlessly inside your email on any device
  • Live status updates give you full visibility into communications
  • Total control over your messages - before and after you send them
  • Simple to use: just hit “Send Secure”
  • Bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption for ironclad security
  • Only one login & password with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Get started right away with easy set-up
With Cirius, your inbox becomes a mission control for all your communications. Collaborate and communicate simply, securely, and expediently—all in one tool.

Simple Monthly Charges allows you to keep control of costs, call for full details and prices.
If you need assistance with your online cloud services, contact S.C. Consultants on:
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