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Avast Cloudcare Business Security

Avast Cloudcare Business Security

Avast Antivirus 
Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware 
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Avast Remote IT 
Remotely connect to your devices for Support
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Avast Online Backup 
Backup personal and company data
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Avast Content Filtering 
Limit user access to websites
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Avast Email Security Services 
Prevent spammers & scammers
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Cloud Based Secure Single Sign On 
Secure user access to web and apps
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Free Security Portal 
Only pay for services used
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Keyless Licensing 
No licences keys require
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Multi-tenant Architecture 
 Single pane of glass to manage your customers
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Monthly / Yearly

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Avast Cloudcare Security can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis, with no minimum contract and no minimum number of users.

Alternatively you can purchase the service on a fixed 1, 2 or 3 year license term. Any additional licenses added during this term are on a pro-rata basis. This ensures at renewal time all the systems covered renew at the same time. Nice, easy & simple.

Your systems are monitored by the Avast management portal at no extra cost.

This system gives notifications and warnings regarding any infections or potential problems and can then be relayed to the relevant contacts at your premises and if any IT support is required, can be fixed without delay.
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