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Repairs - PC's, Laptops, Printers

Whatever brand of hardware you have, if it has a fault then we can investigate the problem for you.
Whether you have a broken laptop and printer or you're experiencing a glitch with your software, we can give you a free no obligation evaluation.
We will take a look at the PC, Laptop, Printer problems and give you a quote, generally within 48 hours.
Please note, some laptop issues may take up to 5 days to evaluate.
Alternatively, if it is not convenient for you to visit us, you can opt for a site visit. There is a call out fee which includes the first 30 minutes on site, and then £50.00 + VAT per hour thereafter.
The call out charge is dependent on your location, however we're happy to discuss your problem and give you our rates over the phone.
broken laptop screen

Data Recovery
Damaged Media or Deleted Data

Data loss can occur for many reasons. You might have accidentally deleted important information or dropped your laptop which caused a hardware failure or the body of the all important memory stick has come away from the USB connection.

Whatever your data or media, we will do our utmost to recover any lost information, from Hard Drives to USB Memory Sticks - your data is as important to us as it is to you.

For full details and costings call us on 01264 358866, email us at or click Contact Us and give us all the relevant details to give you an estimate.
If you're looking for a reliable computer repair service in Andover, contact S.C. Consultants on:
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