Secure Email - Using Cirius Technology

Send Emails Securely

Using Microsoft Outlook and your existing email account send emails securely to conform to GDPR regulations and safe sending of data.

Cirius works where you do, in your email

Whether you’re using Office 365, Outlook or Gmail, Cirius transforms your existing email into a secure, cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool.

  • Works seamlessly inside your email on any device
  • Live status updates give you full visibility into communications
  • Total control over your messages - before and after you send them
  • Simple to use: just hit “Send Secure”
  • Bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption for ironclad security
  • Only one login & password with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Get started right away with easy set-up

With Cirius, your inbox becomes mission control for all your communications. Collaborate and communicate simply, securely, and expediently—all in one tool.

Simple Monthly Charges allows you to keep control of costs, call for full details and prices.

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