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Microsoft Exchange Hosted Mail

This service is designed to help small businesses who do not have the requirement or want the expense of running an Exchange email server. Hosted Exchange gives you the ability to have your emails anywhere, these can be synchronised to many devices be it a smartphone or blackberry device. If you prefer you can just access them via any system connected to the internet via a web browser.

With the standard package you get a massive 50GB of storage per mail box. There is no minimum contract, you can increase or decrease the number of mailboxes as and when you need to. You only pay for the active mailboxes you use which is very flexible and saves you money.

Costs for this service vary depending on the number of mailboxes required. There is no minimum number of mailboxes so if you just need 1 mailbox then that is what you pay for.

Prices start from £4.90 + VAT per mailbox (please call for tiered prices)


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