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Let Us Resolve Your System Problem Remotely


Click on the TeamViewer link above and Click run to install remote access program.

Computer Remote Support - Let us investigate your system problem remotely. We can take control of your system, look at and in most cases resolve the problem for you without having to visit your office or home. No Call Out Charge which saves you money and an immediate response which saves you time.

All you need to do is call us on 01264 358866 and make a remote support appointment, you will be guided to download the remote software needed from the TeamViewer link above. Once we have the "id" and "password" from you which is shown in the access box once installed we can take a look at any issues you have without you having to wait in for an engineer visit.

The software is very secure as each time the software runs a new "id" and "password" is created so once the work has been completed and the connection is closed no further access is available from a remote user.

The only requirement is you have a working internet connection as remote access can not be gained unless you are connected to the internet and able to download and install the software required.

If you require further details or would like some assistance please call us on:

Remote Support

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01264 358866

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