ADSL Broadband / Cable Broadband

Setting up a broadband service can be fraught with problems due to many different reasons.

You may have a Cable service supplied by Virgin (NTL) or an ADSL service via your BT phone line. Your service provider might well not be BT and your line rental may also be via another provider, but if you have ADSL broadband then you are using a BT service, you are just paying for it via your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

I can help you get up and running with your broadband service very quickly, normally broadband can be setup and running within half an hour - just a call out charge and no more. If you need any hardware ie wireless ADSL, wireless cable router or additional filters these are normally in stock so I can be with you very quickly and get you up and running.

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See some simple rules below on each setup.

ADSL (BT) Broadband Setup

There are some simple steps you must make sure you do if you are trying to set it up yourself. Plug a broadband filter in every single phone socket which has a phone / sky / fax etc plugged in. You should have no more than 4 filters and ensure you do not double filter your router/modem as this will cause the broadband not to work at all or be intermittent. Check and Double check, it's easy to forget what you have plugged in and why.

You will be supplied a username and password for the broadband service by your ISP, these details are now most commonly setup in your router and not on your PC as would be the case if you were using a USB modem. Without the username and password details being entered into your router it will not authenticate to the service and will not work.
Also be aware when your ISP is BT using a BT router, these will plug in and work with the generic default username set in the router. These will work but you can find that the service runs much slower than it should, make sure you enter your username and password for the best speed and reliability.

One advantage is you can plug your router into a filter in any phone socket.

Cable (Virgin) Broadband Setup

Cable Broadband Setup

The setup for Cable is a bit different from ADSL as your service is via a cable modem fitted by Virgin in a fixed location. You can either plug your PC / Laptop directly into the modem via USB or Ethernet Cable or add a Wireless Cable Router. Don't confuse these with ADSL Routers, one easy way to check is that Cable routers have a WAN (Wide Area Network) port on them to plug in the ethernet cable from the Cable modem. Be patient and follow the instructions carefully supplied with the Cable router and all will work well.

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