Computer Support Options

S.C. Consultants offer several options to keep your Servers and Workstations running.

You may have a small network which needs a little care and attention either every month or only twice a year, whichever you need we can give you help to keep all your systems running smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Option 1

You can have a monthly remote / telephone support contract. For this you pay a fixed monthly fee in advance and we supply you telephone / remote access support, whichever is the best option to resolve the issue. Sometimes resolving a problem can be more intricate and it is easier to take control of your systems remotely and resolve for you. Occasionally when problems can not be resolved remotely and a site visit is required then a call out will be needed which is charged at our normal rate.

Option 2

If you are concerned that your systems maybe running slow or not keeping upto date we can help to ensure your systems are running smoothly, rather than waiting for a problem to occur, we offer a periodic Server / System check. We schedule to visit your site on a pre-determined interval and carry out system checks and updates which includes ensuring your anti virus software is upto date and Windows updates are fully installing. These system checks are designed to help your business keep running with little admin intervention from your in house staff.

Option 3

A pay as you go service may be the best option for you, we will always give you our honest opinion on how we feel we can best help you. Register your requirements and we can offer you service as and when you need it. Whether it's telephone support, remote support or even a site visit, we are happy to work with you to help you gain the best service available.

You decide on how best we can help you, and we do the rest. Just choose the options that suit your requirements from the above or if you need something tailor made please contact us for an appointment to discuss further options.

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